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Pet Irish Rocks Pet Irish Rocks Pet Irish Rocks Pet Irish Rocks Pet Irish Rocks

The story of our "Pet Irish Rocks" is a story as old as Ireland itself. The 'Emerald Isle' has always been a mystical place with a rich and inspiring history stretching back over thousands of years and the rocks have been there throughout.

From the ancient times of the mythical heroes, the arrival of St. Patrick, and Viking invasions, to the modern country it is today, the rocks of Ireland have been silent witnesses to it all. Born from the very fabric of the land itself our Pet Irish Rocks hold the history and mystery of Ireland deep within them.

Ireland is a magical place and some say that the rocks themselves are magical. While we would never make such a claim, let's just say that we wouldn't be surprised!

We do have a feeling though that our 'Pet Irish Rocks' are imbued with the legendary 'Luck of the Irish'. It's just a feeling, mind you.

And, of course, 'The Gift of the Gab' is bestowed upon anyone who kisses the Blarney Stone but we think our rocks are pretty special too. Give one a kiss and you never know what might happen!

And, while we admit that our Pet Irish Rock profiles are a little tongue in cheek, you can be guaranteed that each and every rock is a genuine and unique piece of Irish history.

Adopting a little piece of Ireland is a very special undertaking but if you're ready to accept the responsibility then feel free to browse through the pet profiles using the links below. There are 32 different rock types to choose from (one for every county in Ireland - 16 boys and 16 girls) and each with their own distinct personality. So, you have plenty to choose from. Have fun!

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Things to remember when buying your Pet Irish Rock...

All our rocks are individuals so each one is unique (just like you!). So, please allow for some natural variation in size, shape and colour.

All rocks come with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' which guarantees that each pet rock is a genuine Irish rock.

The price for each 'Pet Irish Rock' is €15 Euro and this includes worldwide shipping direct to your door.

All rocks are despatched to you by post so please allow up to 14 days for delivery (depending on where you are in the world).

Payments are processed through PayPal for your security and peace of mind.

Rocks are only supplied with their certficate and the necessary packing material to protect them on their journey to you.

Profile photographs are used for illustrative purposes only.